Bra Census 2016

Over 4,000 women have revealed their bra secrets!

Here's a peek at the results...


1. What is the ultimate bra? 
Verdict: black, lacy and extremely comfortable. 

Seems that Kiwi women's desire for wearing black fashion on the outside extends to what they're wearing underneath.  Director of Rose & Thorne, Debra Hall, stated, "When asked to describe their favourite bra, the verdict is black, lacy and extremely comfortable - as one of the women told us "my favourite bra is black with lace on top, fits perfectly and is super comfortable"."






2. How many times does the average women wear her favourite bra before washing it?
  • 4.3 is the average number of times a woman wears a bra before washing it.
  • 9% how many women wash their bra every time they wear it.
  • 8% women wear a bra more than 7 times before washing it!
Women worry about washing their bras too often, fearing that they will fall apart - not surprising, given how much they're often paying!  Rose & Thorne director, Debra Hall, argues that "if it is washed carefully (in a washbag) washing is good for your bra because it removes the oils, bodyfats and lotions that attack the lycra and make it go all floppy on you."




3. Do women buy lingerie online?
Verdict: Over half of NZ women buy bras online. About 1 in 5 really like buying bras online!

"Online bra shopping is becoming much more common, particularly with options like Rose & Thorne guaranteeing that once you know your size and shape, you can be sure of a perfect forgiving fit every time," Rose & Thorne director, Debra Hall.






4. How many bras do we have?
Verdict: Most Kiwi women own about 12 bras but they only wear five regularly. A quarter of the bras we own are never taken out of the undie drawer at all.

Many of us suffer from an overflowing lingerie drawer, packed with bras we hardly ever wear. Debra Hall explains, "Of the average 12 bras in a kiwi woman's wardrobe, just 5 get a regular outing, and 4 lurk at the back as those "pretty mistakes" that we bought on a whim (or in desperation) and never actually wear."




Do we like bra shopping?
Verdict: Women love shopping, right?  Bra shopping, not so much!  For every woman that gives the bra shopping experience a 10 out of 10, there's another that rates is Zero! 
Mostly, we're pretty unsure when it comes to shopping for bras, finding it too hard, too expensive and just plain difficult.  That's part of the reason we started Rose & Thorne - because bras can deliver comfort and great looks at an affordable price!


At Rose & Thorne we believe every woman deserves to have stylish bras that look amazing and are both comfortable and affordable. These census results help us refine what we do, so we can continue to make the bras you love! 



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Our bodies are always changing. Forgiving Fit™ Technology means that even if your size is a little out, you’ll still be much more comfortable in Rose & Thorne.


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8 30 65 80 0
10 32 70 85 1
12 34 75 90 2
14 36 80 95 3
16 38 85 100 4
18 40 90 105 5
20 42 95 110 6
22 44 100 115 7
24 46 105 120 8

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E E DDD or F F

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forgiving fit™ technology

At Rose & Thorne, we know that every woman’s body is different and that our bodies are constantly fluctuating. We also know that between 60-80% of women wear the wrong size bra. That’s why we created Forgiving Fit™ Technology. A design that gives you more comfort in your day to day lingerie without costing you more or compromising in style.

There are two main components to our Forgiving Fit™ Technology:

Introducing Band - Flex


The first thing our designers looked at was the fixed measurement – the band around your body, under your bust. Get this wrong and you either feel cut in half or lack any real support. Band-Flex uses a combination of patterns, fabric and construction to ensure the bra adjusts to your body and keeps you supported.


The other key ingredient of any bra is the cup size. If it’s too big, your breasts will abandon any hope of support, too small and two boobs can look like four. Our solution: the Cocoon-Cup, a shape that naturally curves around the breast for a flexible fit with the right amount of support. With Forgiving Fit™ you’ll be much more comfortable with as your body fluctuates or even if you’re a little out with your sizing.

Forgiving Fit’s™ two design innovations combined with our Five Iconic Shapes ensure you have the comfortable bras you deserve each and every day..