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Happy Bra Blog

Ladies We Love: Sheetal

As a rockstar new mother, Sheetal believes that one of our (many) superpowers as women is being able to create life. Known fondly as a reliable and supportive friend, Sheetal always helps out others when they need a hand. We asked Sheetal a few questions about motherhood, self-love, and body confidence…

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Ladies We Love: Annaliese

Ladies We Love - Annaliese Gann in Rose & Thorne NZ Lingerie.

With years of experience as a body-positive model, Annaliese is an expert on self-love, empowerment, and inspiration. Annaliese believes that we are born to be real, not perfect, and she has a few fascinating insights to share with us on body confidence and the best parts of being a woman…

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Ladies We Love: Caitlin

Caitlin Taylor model posing in Rose & Thorne NZ bras and underwear.

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Caitlin Taylor is an expert in dressing for your body shape. Known for her personal styling and Chasing Cait blog, Caitlin is our favourite go-to for easy, affordable style. We asked Cait a few questions on style and body confidence...

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Ladies We Love: Hayley

You might have seen our friend, Hayley Angell, popping up on the Rose & Thorne social media pages lately. She's the bubbly, vivacious, one-of-a-kind speaker and entertainer whose body-positive messages and life-of-the-party-attitude is truely infectious. We sat down to ask her a few questions...

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