About us

Rose & Thorne is lingerie made simple. When we started this label, we knew that buying bras could be costly, time consuming and often uncomfortable for many women. So we set out to change the entire lingerie experience. 

Rose & Thorne was founded in 2011 by Stefan Preston and Sue Dunmore, Bendon’s former CEO and Head of Design respectively. After leading Bendon’s expansion into Europe, North America and the Middle East, Stefan and Sue saw an opportunity to create a lingerie experience unlike any other. Bras that give women of all shapes and sizes the comfort and style they deserve at a price they can afford.



At Rose & Thorne, comfort comes first. Everything we make is designed to give you the most comfortable experience you’ve ever had. With many labels, comfortable bras aren’t stylish and those pretty little things that seem like a good idea at the time aren’t all that comfortable.

Our bras are tested on real women. We don’t use mannequins and runway models. Our Five Iconic Shapes come from, and are designed for, the different shapes and needs of our customers: real women.

Our Forgiving Fit™ technology also has its origins with our customers. We know that women’s bodies change and we also know that few women go for regular bra fittings. Forgiving Fit™ means that even if your cup or band is a size out, a Rose & Thorne bra will still look and feel great.



All of our designers are also known as Bra Gurus. Rose & Thorne Bra Gurus spend a lot of time with helping women, transforming their bra-wearing experience and listening for insights which get incorporated it into shape designs. They are also some of the top talent in the world of fashion lingerie – having designed brands such as Stella McCartney and Elle MacPherson Intimates. With Rose & Thorne you can get the latest fashion styles without sacrificing anything in comfort because our designers get the shape right first.



All Rose & Thorne bras are designed to make you look fantastic and feel more comfortable than ever. Best of all, they do it without the enormous price tag. We work closely with our factory and supply lines to streamline costs and give you the designer bras you deserve at half the cost.


No compromise

At Rose & Thorne, we believe in bras without compromise – comfortable, affordable and desirable. For women of every shape and size, there is a Rose & Thorne bra that will make you look amazing and feel fantastic without leaving a giant hole in your purse. And because our Five Iconic Shapes never change, you can confidently buy bra after bra safe in the knowledge that your next bra will be as comfortable as the last.

Every woman deserves Rose & Thorne.


“Our passion is lingerie. We wanted to make product
that was ultra-comfortable, ridiculously affordable,
easy to buy and without sacrificing looks. ”

Meet the team

Rose & Thorne is made up of a pretty small, talented and super passionate group of people! Some of them you would have met before, and some prefer to work out of the limelight; but each one is totally fabulous. We wanted to shine a light on everyone who is part of our team so you can understand more about who we are and why we are choosing to do what we do! So we asked our lovely team to share a few insights into their jobs, inspirations and daily life. Check back often because we will update this page as the seasons change! Have a question for one of our team? Get in touch with us...

Kelley McNabb
Design Manager

My role with Rose & Thorne is... To create the product. Work out the colour palette for each season. Know our customers likes and dislikes anything that needs doing

When I'm not here you will find me.... In my gardern, on the side of a bmx track supporting my kids, at rugby or at the art gallery.

I am inspired by... The world around me. From a rickety old fence post to a vintage dress. There is colour and shape everywhere.

Carleen Boyd
Planning Manager

I love working for Rose & Thorne because...I get to be directly involved in most facets of the business and there is a ton of variety in each day

When I'm not here you will find me.... spending time with my family and/or working on my latest craft project which currently involves gathering tiles to mosaic an outdoor table

An average Rose & Thorne day for me can involve picking a website order to planning our stock for the next 6months….huge variety which I love :)

Stefan Preston
Executive Chairman

My role with Rose & Thorne is... - Co-founder and general business guy. I look after Finance, Strategy, IT and Business Development

I love working for Rose & Thorne us its more than a job - we are on a mission to change things for the better.

I firmly believe.... in designing every aspect of our company around the insights we observe with our customers. We all spend time with customers and all contribute to the design of every aspect of the company.

I am inspired by... people who are not afraid to do things differently and adhere to their own set of principles

Paul Wong
Production Manager

My role with Rose & Thorne is... I communicate the needs from our design team to our partners at the manufacturing side of things to get the best quality of product delivered to you - our happy customer on time.

I love working for Rose & Thorne because... I know we can give people love and joy from our Kiwi spirit and creative products!

When I'm not here you will find me.... in my email inbox replying to all the important emails I get 24/7 around the clock wherever I am.

Rose & Thorne is... something that you can trust to give you what you need.

Sue Dunmore
Managing Director

When I'm not here you will find me chasing around after my two very active daughters. Both are keen horsewomen and skiers so my role as mum changes depending on the sport. I change from being the truck driver and groom to gear cleaner and support person after all this is over you'll find me relaxing with a nice glass of wine in my hand!!

I am inspired daily by…. all the amazing feedback we've received from our customers it is very humbling...

An average Rose & Thorne day for me...not average!!!

There is nothing average about us, crazy busy, manic, hilarious, hot in summer, freezing in winter but definitely not average. One day maybe I'll find out what average is.....I come to work thinking OK today I've got this this and this to do and the next minute I'm doing a million others !! An average day at Rose and Thorne is awesome.