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Thursday 6th June, 2013

an issue of bra fitting

Yesterday the Internet started buzzing with the revelation of the new Jockey bra, complete with its new fit system and sizing system which gets rid of the A, B, C, D cup sizes we all know and love and opting for women to measure the volume of their bust with a series of plastic cups. But what does it all mean?

We talk to head Bra Guru and Rose & Thorne co-founder Sue Dunmore about her take on this new bra “revolution”…..

What are your thoughts on these new fit systems for bras?

I find all the chatter on the net around bra fitting at the moment really interesting.  Most of that talk is about the focus on the volumetric capacity of the breast, in other words the actual size of the breast in terms of volume.  Volumetric breast measuring is being touted as the next big thing in fitting a bra… interesting to say the least!

Can you explain what you think is the right way to get the best fitting bra?

To us determining the right bra for you falls into 3 categories, body size, breast size and lastly and maybe most importantly shape.

Bra and breast shape is something that companies never seem to discuss and it is in fact the shape that can make all the difference when it comes to getting the best fit from your bra.

Strangely most bra companies seem to think that one shape fits all!  Crazy when you think about it and a concept you would be crazy to apply to any other design project.  Think about a car for example!  All cars need 4 tires, but the tires that you need for a tractor would be very different to that for a land rover or a formula 1 car.  This is the same for your bra; each person will need a different shaped bra to suit their body.

A young firm breast may well have the same volumetric capacity/cup size/ breast weight as an older breast.  But those two breasts would need an entirely different bra shape. That is why we think that the idea of using a plastic form to measure breast volume to determine fit as an overly-simplistic approach that is fraught with pit-falls.

We think the same applies to industry-standard body measurements.  You can have one lovely lady that is short waisted and thicker around the middle versus a taller girl that is wider set and narrow through her side.  Each of these two ladies could have very different bodies needing different bra designs, different wires and different bra shapes.  The bra that works for one would almost certainly not work for the other.

How does Rose & Thorne set out to solve these problems?

When it comes to determining body and cup size we take a the traditional approach of band size (12/14/16 etc. ) paired with cup size (A,B,DD etc.).  After all most women have grown up with an understanding of how this system works, and if we invent a new fitting system it means that you would all find it so much trickier to take your “fit size” with you from one brand to another; making it harder on you in the long term!

Where we deviate from the standard bra approach is in determining what is the correct bra for you!  In our opinion measurements are only a first stage.  Figuring out what body-type you are and what breast type you have is just as important!.  That is also why we developed the Forgiving Fit technology to allow for flexibility within the body measurements associated with each bra size.

We have also developed 5 bra shapes to make it easy for you to know what bra shapes are right for you.

Can you explain how the 5 Rose & Thorne bra shapes work?

the 5 rose and thorne bra shapes

Lets say you are told your size and you have 5 bras laid out before you.  How on earth can you tell which one is the right one for your body?

This is exactly why when we named our five shapes and described what they do we wanted to keep it short and sweet.  For example our Curvylicious shape gives you a gentle lift and the name itself describes the beautiful curve the cups give your profile when you have your clothes on.  Simple!  The front of the printed sales tag lets you know some other little details and the back of the tag tells you all the sizes this bra comes in at a quick glance.

No matter what the style - all Curvylicious shape bras fit exactly the same.  So if you find a Curvylicious bra and love it you can buy it in any style without trying it on and with total confiidence that it will fit you exactly the same as your first one.   Although each Curvylicious bra may look different, the base pattern and materials are shared.

This is the exact formula we have for all of the Rose & Thorne 5 bra shapes.  They range from the "I can hardly feel it on" natural shape of Easy Peezy to the heavily controlled boosting and plunging Perky Power!

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